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Notfunk: Radio hams active in Argentine floods

BUENOS AIRES – Radio amateurs in Argentina are providing communications support in response to flooding. Nets are currently operating on 7.070 MHz and 7.120 MHz

A report on RAYNET-HF says:

The flooding rains have been very strong in the city of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas, and in the city of La Plata, which is the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires, located 60 kilometers south of the City of Buenos Aires. So far 57 people have died, 51 of them in La Plata.

The frequencies that are being used on 40 meters are 7070 and 7120, in addition to VHF and UHF repeaters kept on alert for the radio club La Plata, LU8DZE.

There is also a lot of communication activity through the Facebook Emergenciaslu Amateur group, maintained by the Amateur Radio Emergency Service of Argentina.

Heavy rain in Buenos Aires kills at least six


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